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Revolutionary i-Battery Technology for Apple’s Electric Cars


phps (1)Apple’s future electric car might have a revolutionary battery technology on board.

The competition in the world of technology is very tough. The major players like Apple, Google, and Samsung (and the rest of course), have been jumping over each other, submitting patents, and releasing new techs every other month (almost).

So, it is only logical that if there is Google car, and a Samsung car, there will be an Apple car. A while ago, all news feeds were cluttered with the “rumor” that Apple is looking into building an electric four-wheeler, trying to give Tesla a run for their money. Now, we still don’t know if and when this might happen, but another short text piece of this kind brought everyone on their toes again.

In the past couple of months, Apple has been hiring a great deal of specialists in the field of manufacturing. What is more, the company made a deal with a South Korean company, specializing in battery technology.

Although the name of this South Korean company remains a mystery, rumor has it that the team of 20-25 geniuses have developed a new type of battery technology that can revolutionize the car industry as we know it.

The batteries have extra high output and are hollow in the center. This prevents the batteries from over heating, and provides smooth air flow and cooling. As a result, there is no need of additional temperature controlling system, which in turn gives lots of extra space. The idea is that this space is then used for expansion of the battery capacity.

According to the officials of the Korean company, details regarding the contract that they have signed with Apple are not to be released at all. They are also not allowed to discuss anything related to the project.

All we know right now is that if there is an i-car, it will be electric, and it will not use the conventional batteries as all the others. The i-battery technology will be hollow, will be super high in capacity, and will be revolutionary.

Numerous times, the smart team behind all these mind blowing i-gadgets, has proven that there is always something new that can turn ordinary technology into extraordinary. There is no reason to believe that this time around it would go any differently.

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  1. Sounds plausible. If you look at how much volume of a toilet roll is lost through making it hollow, it’s not that much. If we imagine the cooling of a pie, we know it’s the centre that stays hot the longest – a hollow pie would cool faster. A hollow cell could well be thermally superior, with the volume lost internally more than offset by space savings externally.
    Tesla have just increased their cell size for the gigafactory/model 3. If they hadn’t considered hollow cells, you can bet they are now.


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