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Apple Electric Car Could Compete With Tesla, Rumor Says


Apple_vs_Telsa.largeRumor has it that tech giant Apple has decided to take on Tesla and build their first Apple Electric Car (iCar?).

News and updates coming from Apple somehow always manage to have a twist. Anticipation for the newest addition to the iPhone family, a new patented technology, or even a solar powered laptop, no matter what comes out from the company as a press release, it is always exciting.

This time, however, the news could be huge, especially for the green-loving community. Although it is only a speculation at this stage, it is very likely that Apple has decided to pick on Tesla. Would they be making their own Apple electric vehicle? Possibly. After all, Google has been working on driverless cars for quite some time now, why wouldn’t Apple explore the market too?

Now, the gossip came from one of Apple’s employees, who mentioned that the company is currently working on a technology that will give Tesla a run for their money. Of course, this does not necessarily mean an Apple EV, but looking at the current actions of the company, this might well be.

Apparently, over the past year or so, Apple has been trying to attract Tesla employees by tempting them with incredibly fat salaries. In particular, the tech giant has set their eyes on the mechanics, engineers and specialists in robotics. A quick Linkedin search shows that there are already 50 of Tesla’s people who have decided to join the tech team of Apple.

OK, there are other possibilities, which might actually be within a closer reach for the i-makers. One such technology could be a take on Tesla’s smart-phone-to-car experience. Apple already has the so-called CarPlay technology, which gives drivers to opportunity to control certain entertainment functions of their vehicles using an iPhone, so the new tech could be a breakthrough in this sector.

In any case, the new technology will be revealed sooner or later. Although an Apple electric car would possibly be quite a stunt, the idea of it already sounds exciting. Or maybe Apple has no idea what it’s getting into.

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