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Roosegaarde’s Smog Free Tower Sucks Pollution Out of the Air


Smog-Free-Tower-by-Daan-Roosegaarde-1-537x358What do Beijing, Los Angeles, and New Delhi have in common? Devastating air pollution. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a gigantic vacuum and could suck the pollution out of the air? Artist/Inventor Daan Roosegaarde has invented such a device!

Roosegaarde’s Smog Free Tower is similar in construction to a common air filter, except at seven meters tall it looks like a piece of modern sculpture. The tower is designed to be used in public parks and uses green energy which only uses 1400 watts of power.

Air enters the tower through the top and goes through a patented ionization technology using positively charged ions which capture the small dust particles. The positive ions are then drawn to the towers surface which has a negative charge and traps the pollution. Much the way a desktop air purifier works.


The dust particles are used to make rings which are sold to raise funds to place more towers in parks around the world.

On his website, Roosegaarde talks about his invention and states that it is “it’s really weird that we accept it {pollution} as something normal, or that we somehow take it for granted”.

Currently his towers are being placed in community parks in high profile polluted cities.

Images (c) Daan Roosegaarde

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