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Swedish Automaker SAAB Could Be Making EVs in The Future


All of  the recent news in the auto industry lead me thinking that the Asian side of the world is eventually going to dominate the electric vehicle sector. SAAB, once known for its solid and safe cars, is now going bankrupt. Just like packs of wolves (or hawks, if you prefer), investors come up to buy what’s left of the good-old SAAB and transform it into whatever they like it (using its name, of course).

New information sources from Sweden quoted by Just-auto.com reveal that a Japanese-Chinese joint venture is aggressively trying to get SAAB and transform it into… well, the future of automobiles… an EV maker.

“They have serious money and are a serious competitor, ” the source told just-auto. “They have tabled a bid and are very aggressive – it is a Japanese\Chinese consortium.[…] [It is] a huge consortium together with battery manufacturing – they are planning to make electric cars.”

Competition is a good for any industry, and the automobile industry is not an exception by any means. However, when something small and possibly unworthy comes and takes the name of something big, with a clear past and background, we may have a problem.

The problem is that they’ll have to pour in huge amounts of money and expertise (which nobody really has on electric cars) and they have to make the future electric SAABs as safe and as well-built as their predecessors. It so easy to buy a name and then turn it into a cash cow. Is harder to make that cash cow produce clean milk.

I’m glad someone will save SAAB and turn it into an electric car maker. But, as I said, that comes at a great responsibility. Maybe SAAB will end up making better cars… who knows?

[via cleantechnica]

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