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Samsung's New Transparent 46-inch LCD Powered by Solar Energy


Samsung has recently revealed a transparent 46-inch LCD screen powered by solar energy. It is an upgraded model of a see-through LCD panel showed at the SID 2010 in Seattle, in May last year.

You don’t need to put the screen outside to have it powered up. It is able to get the energy just from “ambient lighting”, being also energy efficient.

Demoed at CeBIT 2011, the prototype supports full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) as well as providing a full ten finger touchscreen surface and a viewable size of 46 inches.

According to company officials, commercial models based on the technology will soon hit the market. Samsung has not yet revealed any details regarding the position of the backlight unit as well as the power consumption.

It will be interesting to find out how the panel could be compared to existing traditional models in terms of price, color reproduction and refresh rates. The company also has great plans for the future, by planning to expand such green power technologies to other gadgets, as well.

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