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Estonia Plans to Set Up Electric Vehicle Charging Network by 2012


The Estonian government has recently announced that it plans to create a nationwide network of charge-points for electric cars. According to some officials, the country would sell 10 million carbon credits to Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation in order to meet this goal.

Prime Minister Andrus Ansip declared that the sale of the unused credits has been approved by the government. “Under a Green Investment Scheme, the proceeds will be invested into the establishment of a country-wide charging infrastructure for electric vehicles,” Ansip told reporters.

The local authorities will receive around 500 Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric vehicles, which will be then used by social workers. The Prime Minister also said that the country will have 1,000 electric cars on the streets by the end of 2012.

The plan will also include the creation of about 250 points able to charge an electric car’s battery to up to 80 percent capacity within 30 minutes. They are to be installed in big cities and along the country’s main highways.

This way Estonia hopes to save carbon emissions by increasing the number of electric cars. The ultimate goal will nevertheless become possible only when most of the country’s people will drive electric vehicles.

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