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Sanyo's New 235-Watt Solar Panel Has An Energy-Efficiency Of 21.1%


At the beginning of this month, the European division of Sanyo has officially released its new enhanced HIT solar panel. Dubbed HIT-N235SE10, the new 235 watt solar panel has an energy-efficiency of 21.1%, improving the performance in limited space installations and offering more power generation per square meter.

According to the company, the HIT-N235SE10 has a 18.6% overall module efficiency by adopting a new tab design, anti-reflection glass and more efficient HIT solar cells.

Unlike the HIP-215NKHE5 (one of the Sanyo HIT solar panel range currently available in Australia) which already has an impressive performance, the new solar panel features an 8.7% increase in efficiency.

The new N series are equipped with thinner tabs, thus way capturing more sunlight because the effective area is enlarged. The anti-reflective glass is also very useful, especially at dusk and dawn.

The solar modules will be produced in Hungary at Sanyo’s factory, for the moment being available only to the European market. The company hasn’t announced any date regarding their availability in Australia or the United States.

[Source: EnergyMatters]

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