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Say What!? A Tesla Model S is Worth More Used than New


2012-Tesla-Model-S-passengers-side-front-three-quartersAt this point, throw out everything you thought you knew about the laws of used cars. It seems that Tesla has not only revolutionized the auto industry, it has also disrupted the one thing that car owners have always expected along with death and taxes: that there car will be worth less used than new.

The EV manufacturer has somehow put itself in a position where the used versions of their Model S sedan are worth more than ones that are fresh out of the factory.

Right off the bat, this seems deranged. But when you consider the demand for the stylish electric vehicles, then things start to make a bit more sense. The fifth ranked company in Consumer Reports brand perception is at a point in its development where demand is outstripping supply, and making the products currently on the market fetch a premium in second-hand sales.

In America, where instant gratification is a religion, the six-week waiting period for a brand new Tesla Model S is simply too much for some to handle. Needing their toys immediately, buyers have effectively raised the average price of a used Model S to $99,794, whereas the factory models are being sold for $79,900.

Although many of these used vehicles are worth more than the initial 79k tag (very few are base models with no extras), it is still amazing that an automobile can attract such pricing power in the used market, and is a testament to the quality and superiority of a Tesla product.

Although this is a sign that we are in dire need of some competition in this space, Tesla has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that clean energy is more than just a pipe dream, and that by harnessing technology and the ingenuity of the human spirit, great things can be accomplished. Tesla has just changed the game, and it is exciting to see what they will do next.

via Elon Musk/mnn

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