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Scientists Studying How Organic Photovoltaics Could Charge Our Devices


Charging the Li-ion battery of your favorite electronic device, might just have become that much easier. According to scientists at University of Warwick, an organic photovoltaic solar cell (OPV) can do this even at a low level light and partial shading on its own, without being connected in series of multiple cells.

The researchers Professor Tim Jones, Dr. Ross Hatton and Professor Mike Shipman claim that OPV cells are cheap to produce, low in weight, and are compatible with flexible substrates, making them suitable for electronic device applications.

Keeping in mind that a standard battery needs 4.2V, the team demonstrated for a first time in history a production of the striking 7V using a OPV cell with an open circuit of voltage. They added that if a small solar charger is fitted to the device, it will keep charging continuously regardless of whether it is used indoors or out.

The scientists hope that they can soon bring these cheap OPV chargers to the commercial market through Molecular Solar.

Via: EETimesIndia

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