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GM Sticking to 2016 Target for Hydrogen Vehicles


GM HFC Concept VehicleMajor automobile manufacturers have had hydrogen [H2] fuel cell [HFC] vehicles in research and development for years, but they always seems to be on the back burner. There are some major hurdles to widespread use of HFCs, which have held them back from the mainstream.

Primarily, there is little to no infrastructure for refueling them. True, HFCs have been released to fleet and government operations for some real-world testing, but they have the means to install their own fueling stations. A widespread network of H2 fueling stations seems to be on the back burner as well.

Secondarily, price needs to come down to make HFCs more affordable to the general public. Hyundai is currently leasing a limited number of its FCX Clarity HFC to the public at about $850 per month. Certainly, as the technology improves and becomes more efficient, prices of HFC vehicles will come down.

Still, in spite of the obstacles of cost and infrastructure, automakers like Toyota and GM seem confident that they can overcome. While some minor manufacturers keep pushing back the date for an HFC release, GM is still pushing for 2016 as the date to begin production of HFCs for the general public. Only time will tell if everything can come together to make this happen.

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