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Scott Pruitt Resigns From EPA, Mother Earth Continues Weeping


After President Trump accepted his resignation a few days ago, Scott Pruitt is no longer the head of the EPA. This looks a lot better than it really is, though it is vindicating to see Scott “I Destroy The Environment For Money” Pruitt exposed for the corrupt, wasteful, shill he has been shown to be.

The administration of Scott Pruitt at the EPA was short lived, and unfortunately, he will be replaced by Andrew Wheeler. Acting EPA chief Andrew Wheeler is a dyed-in-the-wool coal pusher, so this transition could be a case of “out of the frying pan, and into the fire”.

A Sad, Corrupt Man

There are at least a dozen active investigations into what went on at the EPA under Scott Pruitt.

Pruitt decided early on that he needed an extensive security detail, which was odd, given the fact that he was the head of an environmental agency that lacks any real political power. The EPA has long been something of a dog-and-pony show, that talks a lot, but does little in the way of creating a better environment in the USA.

His spending habits didn’t stop at the security detail he dragged around with him, and extended to a soundproof phone booth that cost tens of thousands of dollars, and a sweetheart of a deal on a Capital Hill condo from a known charlatan (pronounced “lobbyist” in Washington D.C.).

Most people in the USA don’t know what the EPA’s “Superfund” is, let alone how many active Superfund sites there are in the USA. Needless to say, very few people care about the environment without the help of government intervention.

The EPA Has Failed at an Existential Level

When the agency that was specifically tasked with protecting the environment turns into a mechanism to destroy it as quickly as possible, it is fair to assume that really bad things are on the horizon.

Pruitt was part-and-parcel of this movement to completely disregard any sense of responsibility to maintaining human life on Earth, and while it is gratifying to hear him complain about the suffering that he and his family have endured, his departure isn’t likely to change much in the way of environmental policy in the USA.

On a more hopeful note, China is working to slash its use of fossil fuels, building out an amazing solar infrastructure, and pushing the use of electric buses in some of its largest cities. It isn’t hard to see which of these two nations is setting itself up for long term sustainability, and which one is committing slow-motion suicide via massive environmental poisoning.

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  1. Nicholas, you can call Pruitt dirtbag or worse, like I do in private, but I would really appreciate if public articles were written more politely and objectively (not necessarily more respectfully.) This is a blog and not a new site, but it’s not an opinion site where you can talk dirty either. Pruitt is supposed to be the disgraceful person here, not you. And the “Db.” stuff is quite lame.

    I had to stop reading after the dirtbag mention, you just shot yourself and your article in the foot with such comments: With such language, it can be read or referred to by anybody, not great for the web site that hosts your article.


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