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Pininfarina PF0 – The Italian Electric Supercar That’s Probably Going to Shine


Pininfarina PF0Automobili Pininfarina is an Italian design house with huge ambitions to compete with Bugatti, Ferrari, Tesla, and Lamborghini. Yesterday it revealed teasing images of its first concept electric supercar PF0. The company expects to build incredibly fast, beautiful, and luxurious vehicles.

Pininfarina is new to building its own cars. However, it has decades of experience in designing and engineering the most luxurious and desirable cars of all time. For instance, many of its designs wear a Ferrari badge on their grills.

However, Pininfarina doesn’t plan to go alone in this business, so it has partnered with the Indian auto manufacturer, Mahindra. The partnership included a $500 million investment in the Italian brand. Additionally, the Croatian supercar manufacturer, Rimac, will provide some engineering help. Pininfarina plans to firstly introduce the PF0 in 2020th, then to start designing more affordable luxurious electric cars and SUVs.

The price of the electric hypercar will definitely be over $1 million dollars, and it will target the richest and the most selective people in the world. It is expected to have more than 1,000 horsepowers. The acceleration from 0 to 62 mph will most probably be in less than two seconds. Moreover, Pininfarina states that it aims to achieve a top speed of PF0 to be more than 250 mph. Potentially, It will be able to drive for at least 300 miles, creating zero emissions.

Pininfarina PF0

However, the modern hypercar is not only about the engine, weight, and aerodynamics. The computer’s assist and the vehicle dynamics program are as important as the other things mentioned before. Therefore, Michael Perschke, the company’s chief executive officer, plans to engage Nick Heidfeld (ex-Formula One racing driver with experience in Formula E) in the developing of the vehicle dynamics program.

This week, Automobili Pininfarina is presenting its business plans to potential clients and retailer partners in New York. The company wants to sell their cars exclusively through the world’s best luxury car retailers in order to deliver a one-to-one experience to the clients.

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