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Scrap Materials Used to Build 500W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine System


Along history, some said making wind turbines, transporting them to the site, installing and performing regular maintenance emits lots of carbon dioxide and uses lots of raw materials. A team of students from Cape May Technical High School in New Jersey has proved the contrary.

Using scrap plastics and metals, they succeeded making a 500-watt vertical axis wind turbine system without any trouble.

The students used fence parts and sign posts. The pin wheel is about six feet in diameter and the scoops have been made from five gallon buckets.

It’s interesting to see how you can actually do two things that save the environment, at once: recycle and generate free electricity. There’s basically no pollution involved in building the turbines you can see above, or at least not more than if it were to let them sit in a backyard or in a landfill.

Their leading teacher, Schmidt, said they had been working for some time building the wind turbines and that the contraptions worked really well for about a month, even in severe weather and that they plan to build another, more powerful, system. Nice job, guys! Keep up the good work!

[via inhabitat/ecofriend]

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