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Car2go North America Spreads Its Wings in Seattle


US Car2goCar2go North America is widening its net in the US, having now spread its wings as far as Seattle. Consisting of a set-up of 330 Smart Fortwo cars, these can be obtained as and when the user wants – 24/7 – and one can register for membership here.

Car2go is fully owned by Daimler and the idea is that it would make available cars to be shared and used by the whole community.

Once registered, it doesn’t matter whether a member has made a reservation or not, but rather the user can just choose an available vehicle using their membership card and that would allow them to drive anywhere they want to eventually drop it off anywhere so long as it is in the designated “Home Area” so that it is immediately available for the next user.

The introduction in Seattle makes it the 18th city in the world to experience the services of Car2go. It comes at a cost of 38 cents per minute.

As a limited offer only though, when the promotion code SOUND is used new members, it entitles them to 30 additional minutes of driving. Also on limited offer is the waiving of the one-time membership fee of $35.

The Car2go project in Seattle is slightly different from the one offered in San Diego, which offers electric cars instead of the more “conventional” non-electric Smart Fortwo fleet used in Seattle. The San Diego service, which is now one year old, is attracting quite a bit of interest because of this.

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