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SeaTwirl – New Offshore Wind Turbine Produces Cheap Electricity


Many scientists and researchers are trying to find the best solutions to harness offshore winds and generate clean electricity. All have concluded that the basic design of any wind turbine is that of a classic windmill.

Daniel Ehrnberg, the owner of the Ehrnberg Solutions AB, has created the design of a new offshore turbine called SeaTwirl that could revolutionize this field of research.

As the company said on their website, SeaTwirl is a “new principle to store and harvest offshore wind energy. SeaTwirl uses the ocean sea water as a bearing and can therefore use cheaper and heavier materials and function as a large low speed flywheel.”

With this new design, the wind power generating plants will have the possibility of being built without the need for a transmission line, roller-bearings or gearbox.

The new turbine, according to their video, can be better implemented in the ocean environment. The inventor behind this newly designed turbine expects to have a fully functional prototype in the following six years and is convinced that the SeaTwirl technology will be much cheaper in the future.

[via Physorg]

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