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Latest Segway Is Also a Personal Robot Helper


segway-robot-6The latest from Segway- when you do not ride your electric two-wheeler, it turns into your personal robot helper that follows you everywhere.

If this does not make you crazy about Segway, I do not know what will. Revealed at CES 2016 this week, the latest development from the makers of the electric two-wheeler managed to attract huge interest.

Meet the Segway Robot, technology developed in close collaboration with the Chinese robotics firm Ninebot, and Intel. Looking super cool and super sweet at the same time, the Segway Robot is self-balancing, and can take you anywhere, just like its ancestors. It is handle-free, and can reach ip to 18 km/h (11mph) speed. It is powered by two 800W motors and it has a range of 30 km (18mi).

But the true magic happens once you reach your destination. You get off it, and your Segway turns into this incredible robot on wheels that follows you everywhere like a little pet, only more useful.

segway-robot-3Equipped with a high tech RealSense RGB-D depth sensing camera, developed by Intel, the little robot can take photos, videos, and can perform fisheye tracking. It takes voice commands, thanks to an integrated microphone, and can be programmed to recognize and photograph the objects selected by its owner.

The Segway Robot has an Intel Atom processor and it has an Android operating system. It can be easily connected to your other smart gadgets, allowing you to keep an eye on your home and possessions when you are far away from them. Last but not least, it comes with an free software development kit, which allows you to experiment with your own new applications, optimizing your personal feel and experience.

The makers from Segway have not yet revealed any prices. The only thing we know about the Robot is that the first units are expected to be ready for shipping towards the end of 2016.

Images (c) Segway Robot

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