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Self Driving Tesla Available Three Months from Now

Model S  © Tesla Motors
Model S
© Tesla Motors

Do you fancy talking to your Tesla ala Knight Rider?  Well, maybe not.  But riding a fast self driving car like Johnny Cab in the latest Total Recall may be up your alley.

It’s surely something that Elon Musk fancies so that is why he’s putting a self driving system in every Tesla three months from now.

While Version 6.2, the upcoming update, seems cool, it still doesn’t make Teslas entirely driverless. It will come with automatic emergency braking, blind spot and side collision warning, as well as a “valet mode” that prevents snoops from breaking into your car’s console.  All nice, but it still assumes that the driver is on his toes behind the steering wheel.

The next big update, version 7.0, though, will allow one to fall asleep like a baby behind the wheel.  Well, at least on the long, monotonous drive on interstates.  Musk says :

We’re pretty excited about the progress we’re making there. The main test route that we’re evaluating is the San Francisco to Seattle route, and we’re now almost able to travel all the way from San Francisco to Seattle without the driver touching any controls at all.

That’s a feature that requires a lot of validation testing, but we’re hoping that we can start releasing the first sort of auto-steering features in about three months or so.

And that’s not all, you can literally ask your car to come to mama or papa.  At the push of a button, the self-driving Tesla leaves its parking space to find its way to you.  Try this at home folks, not on public roads, unless you want to get a ticket for not driving.

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