Shape-Changing Solar Lamp is a Robot Claw Look-alike

lenkaLenka Czereova has designed a rather interesting-looking solar lamp. The design will be most appealing to those with a taste in futuristic gadgets. The lamp consists of three arms, which can be arranged in such a way that the lamp becomes a new shape.

Explaining the feature, Yanko Design stated that the three bendable arms of the tripodal design enables it to be fixed on the most unlikely of surfaces or objects such that the light is shown “directly where you need it”. It can also be placed on a table or the floor as a conventional lamp.

Since the lamp also uses solar energy with each arm having its own embedded solar cells, it is also necessary to place the lamp in direct sunlight. Thus, you may also need to position it near a window.

So, is such a futuristic lamp practical in today’s home?


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