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Sharp’s Transparent Solar Cells Could Be Your Home’s Future Windows


Sharp, a leader in photovoltaic technology, has managed to perfect a process that renders the solar cells and circuits virtually invisible. Embedded in glass, these cells generate electricity just like standard blue photovoltaic cells, but still allow light to pass through.

Aside from generating electricity, which reduces the demand on the local power grid, the tinted glass also reduces solar heating of the building’s interior, reducing climate control costs.

Sharp would like to see this new solar technology integrated into buildings and homes, pretty much anywhere that you would put a window or architectural glass.

The next time you see tinted glass on a building or home, take a closer look, and what you might see will surprise you.

Soon, a sliding glass door or skylight panel will not only reduce the solar load on your home, but also reduce your electrical demand.

Additionally, they allow a moderate amount of natural light to illuminate the room. As an automobile expert, I can see these type of panels finding their way into panoramic solar roofs as well, charging hybrid batteries or simply reducing the solar and electrical loads on any vehicle.

Sharp’s new technology can be found in See-Through Solar Cell Module #NA-B095AA, which will be available in Japan starting October 1.

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