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Singapore to Have First Hydrogen-Electric Bus Powered by Fuel Cells and Batteries


Researchers at Beijing’s Tsinghua University and NTU unveiled the first hydrogen-electric bus that will be from now on Singapore roads. Dubbed GreenLite, this eco-friendly bus only emits clean water and has zero carbon emission. Compared with other conventional buses, GreenLite does not run on fossil fuel and is powered by a combustion engine, which makes it very quiet.

“Sustainability research and development is a key thrust for NTU. As one of the world’s largest engineering universities, we want to play a part in contributing to new engineering solutions that are not only cutting-edge, but also sustainable and friendly to the environment. Through GreenLite we hope to introduce clean technology in public transport to people in Singapore as well as the young athletes at the Youth Olympic Games”. said NTU’s President, Professor Su Guaning.

Due to the collaboration between researchers and professors from these two institutes, the project has been completed in just seven months. Hydrogen and lithium-ion batteries are the only source of energy that power the bus, which is also equipped with a fuel cell system housed on board, that acts like an energy converter which turns hydrogen into electricity, charging the batteries when necessary and powering the bus.

Generally, other hydrogen fuel cell buses have capacities of between 80kW to 150kW, but thanks to this unique dual design that combines lithium-ion batteries with a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell stack, GreenLite’s fuel cell capacity will be of only 40kW.

[Source: Elektor]

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