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Skystream 600, Southwest Power's New Ultra-Efficient, Internet-Connected Wind Turbine


Southwest Windpower chose CES 2011 (Consumers Electronic Show) as the perfect opportunity for introducing their new turbine: the Skystream 600.

The latest in a popular line of turbines, Skystream 600 is said to produce abut 74% more energy than i’s direct predecessor Skystream 3.7.

Averaging about 7,500 kWh of energy per year at 12mph wind speed, Skystream 600 comes equipped with a Skyview system that can be accessed via the internet and which provides users with information about how much energy is produced in real time.

The first “fully smart grid-enabled wind turbine” is expected to hit the market this April, prices remaining uncertain.

Wind power is evolving every year, and it’s important for people to know what the offer is, so that nobody thinks they’re only for the big companies and that home wind turbines don’t actually exist anymore or that nobody is selling them these days.

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