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Smartphone App Tracks Your Carbon Footprint, Gives You a NEST Thermostat If You Do Good


oroeco.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleEverywhere we read about carbon footprint, and people telling us that we have to do anything and everything possible to reduce it. However, a surprisingly small number of people understand what carbon footprint actually means and how to measure it before they take any action to cut it down.

Now, a new smartphone app called Oroeco, can tell everyone exactly how much they contribute to the total carbon emissions and can also provide alternatives and incentives in order to help people live extra-green.

The app is essentially a modification of the well-known software found on Mint.com. The original version of the software allows users to control their finances and monthly spending by tracking purchases. Oroeco, takes this one step further and provides a monthly report on the user’s personal impact on the climate and on carbon emissions, by analyzing shopping behavior.

The whole thing is extremely simple. When you do something good for the environment, such as let’s say take a shopping bag from home instead of buying a new one, or replacing that piece of beef with a pack of tofu, the app rewards you. Yes, some of the prizes include digital badges, which are often not seen as an intensive, but here you can also win actual things, such as a NEST Thermostat for example.

Something that the makers point out, however, is very important to remember. In order for this app to really work, and make a difference, people should commit and use it. After all, if something so small, like a smartphone app can push you towards making that huge and very significant step to protect the environment you live in, why not do it?

Image (c) Oroeco

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