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13 Year-Old Fatima-Al-Kaabi Invents Solar Bag for Trekkers


Fatima Al Kaabi invents solar bag that can charge electronic gadgets, power lights and fan for trekkers13-year-old Fatima Al Kaabi of UAE has invented a solar bag that can charge electronic gadgets, supply power to lights and a fan for backpackers in remote locations.

Fatima, who constantly works on innovative ideas, is a serial inventor who has already invented a printer for the visually impaired, a photographer robot, a cheerleader robot and an electric belt for the hearing impaired. As the Gulf News reported, she becomes one of the youngest Emirati girl innovators.

Fatima shared with her audience at the 2nd Eco Club Summit, which was organised recently by the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD) that she realized the lack of facilities to charge her mobile phone while she was on a family trip to a desert. “Then I started working on a solution and invented a solar bag,”

Fatima is a student at Sharjah British School and a member of the Sharjah Children’s Council. She, who won the first place in the Robot Olympics in UAE, said it is most important to have a dream in life.

Image (c): Gulf News

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