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Bus Powered By Cow Poop Breaks Speed Records


fcc364579b0150bc6ebc688e0aa897fb_600x460British bus, running on cow poop, reached the incredible speed of almost 77 m/h (123.6km/h) during tests, bypassing its oil counterparts.

The incredible green vehicle belongs to the company Reading Buses, and has the iconic name “Bus Hound“, which comes from that of the super fast car- Bloodhound). It managed to set a new record during speed tests conducted on the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedford, UK.

The modern bus, which does not resemble its rivals neither in dirtiness, nor smell, reached the great speed only using fuel made of animal waste, or in simple terms, cow poo. The biomaterial is broken down through anaerobic digestion to produce biomethane, which is then turned into liquid and used to power the bus. The fuel is stored in seven big tanks, which are placed inside the roof of the bus. And if this is not cool enough, the bus is also painted in white with big black spots, having the looks of a typical Friesian cow.

OK, the bus did not set a Guinness World Record (which apparently now stands at 150m/h (241km/h) but it did impress everyone during the tests. It gave quite a good run for their money to all oil-powered buses of this range and size, which could once have competed for the top speed spot- their maximum speed has never exceeded 56 m/h (90km/h).

Rumor has it that the next challenge in front of Bus Hound is to take on the Bio-Bus, which is powered by human poop, and currently connects Bristol Airport with the city center of Bath, UK.  I guess, in speed, the Bio-Bus might not really stand a chance, but when it comes to mileage traveled on a full tank of biogas,  we might see some surprises. I also think the Bio-Bus has a cooler painting, but that is just a personal preference.

Image (c) Reading buses

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