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Huge Solar Parking Structure Planned in North Carolina


Envision_Solar_Tree_Car_ShelterEnvision Solar plans to use some of the 160 billion square feet of paved land in the world used as parking lots for cars to accommodate a solar parking structure the company calls “solar tree.”

In addition to their usefulness, the solar panels act as shade for the cars in the parking lot. This allows the car interiors to hold up longer and the passengers from being burned by hot seats in the summertime.

This creation serves to illustrate dramatically that solar panels are the only kind of energy generator that use absolutely no land because their installation can take place anywhere – walls, windows, paint (as prototypes suggest), and roofs.

Nuclear power plants cannot hold a candle to solar panels for their space efficiency.

Envision Solar’s parking structure contains trackers that carefully track the movement of the sun in order to optimize performance and maximize energy output. Each solar tree can shade up to six cars while charging six electric vehicles simultaneously.

The company now has 2300 solar trees. Envision is working in conjunction with Horizon Energy Group to install the trees in North Carolina, which they will call the Solar Forest. Installation is expected to start in the 2nd quarter of 2013 and will be completed by the end of 2014.

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