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2011 Plastic Water Bottle Recycling Rate Jumps 20%


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAccording to the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), the Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) water bottle recycling rate increased over the past year.

The National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) reported that 38.6% of plastic water bottles were recycled in the US in 2011, making a 20% leap from the 2010 rate of 32.25%. The 2011 rate is twice the plastic water bottle recycling rate of seven years ago.

Of the 1.3 billion pounds of plastic water bottles available for recycling, NAPCOR data demonstrates that 500 million pounds of were recycled in 2011.

Less PET has been used in a standard size 16 oz. water bottle since 2000, and the rate used has dropped 47.8% to a total of 9.9 g.

Chris Hogan, the vice president of communications for the IBWA said in a statement has stated those now, not only are 100% of all water bottles recyclable, but PET water bottle packaging makes up only 0.92% of all plastics produced in the US, which amounts to 1%.

Contrary to popular belief, plastic water bottle containers account for 1/3 of 1% of the waste stream in the US.

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