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Nike’s Newest Store Made from 100% Recycled Trash


Nike ShanghaiNike has created a new concept store in Shanghai, China that is made completely out of recycled garbage. The store, given the sporty name Nike X-158 Hyper Nature, was designed by Taiwanese firm Miniwiz Sustainable Development Ltd. and the interior of the retail shop is made completely out of trash.

Nike had the goal of creating a store that could have many different uses – from exhibitions to retail programs. So, Miniwiz Sustainable Development, a self-described design, engineering, manufacturing, product marketing company, came up with a modular design that has concrete walls and floors and recycled trash that is completely devoid of any glue, which means that all of it can be recycled again at the end of their lifecycle.

The design firm is no stranger to this kind of construction. In 2010, Miniwiz built the EcoARK, the world’s largest building constructed completely out of 1.5 million plastic bottles. The firm’s other designs also set the bar high for green building. Miniwiz designed a building for the 2011 Taipei Pavilion World Design Expo in Taipei made 100% from Polli-Bricks, and the building was created without using any adhesive, allowing the entire building to be disassembled for reuse.

Included in the construction process of the Nike X158 Hyper Nature store were 5,500 aluminum cans, 2,000 PET water bottles and 50,000 old CDs and DVDs. The ceiling, composed of origami-like panels, was fabricated from recycled DVDs, the cables were made out of recycled water bottles, and the building’s joints were made out of recycled cans.

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