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Solar Power Gets Cheaper (video)


There have been many trends posted involving solar power but in the US it still only accounts for 1% of the electricity generated. Even though it is getting cheaper the main barrier is still the cost. Although growing investment, technological breakthroughs and lower prices have lead to an increase in sales, which lowers prices further due to economy of scale. According to Deutsche Bank (DB), by 2014, solar-system prices will be competitive with conventional electricity when energy savings are figured in, without government incentives. The solar industry is expected to triple its business in the next three years, powered in part by government incentives in Germany and Japan and in the US, customer rebates given by New Jersey and California.

Energy's Bright Future - Solar Power Gets Cheaper (VIDEO) Energy's Bright Future - Solar Power Gets Cheaper (VIDEO)

A few dozen companies say advances in technology will let them halve the price of solar-panel installations in as little as three years. If that happens, solar panels would become common home and business appliances, says Brandon Owens of Cambridge Energy Research Associates. Innovations – led by semiconductor firms and a new crop of “thin-film” solar makers – wring more power from sunlight, use less silicon to make panels and make factories more efficient. Venture-capital firms pumped $264 million into solar companies in 2006, up from $64 million in 2004, research firm Clean Edge says. The start-ups also have benefited from $159 million in U.S. research grants this year, largesse from efforts to reduce power plants’ global-warming emissions.


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  1. Renewable Energy Rebates

    One of the most important things to think about when dealing with renewable energy is the reason behind its use. Many people like to use renewable energy because they know that it is better for the planet and they know that they will be making a difference. However, for others, there are more reasons to use renewable energies. Many people have found that they can live more cheaply by using renewable energy, thanks to grants, rebates, and incentives.

    Many times, a person wants to be able to use solar or wind power, but cannot afford to install the technology or devices that are needed to gather the energy and to use it. Prices on these things like prices on lots of other things, are constantly going up. However, the benefits to the environment, along with the savings to the energy industry, have created situations where governments and other programs give money to people who wish to invest in natural or renewable energies.

    All over the world, governments are offering help to those that want to invest in renewable energies. Australia offers 8 thousand dollars for people to invest in renewable energies. The United States also has several programs to allow people to more affordably invest in power. For instance, in California, a citizen can get $4,100 as a rebate when they purchase a wind turbine. The turbines can make anywhere from 30 to 80 percent of the power that is needed for that home, so not only is their family going to get cheaper power, but they will get monetary help in order to do so alone. The turbines cost from 12,000 to 15,000 dollars, and so a rebate helps people install them.

    In the United States, the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency is something that you can check in order to get a comprehensive source of information for which states will offer you help in installing renewable energies. Most of the states provide something to help you install these energies, so it is worth checking into them.

    In Canada, the Office of Energy Efficiency puts out grants and incentives each year which you can take advantage of in order to get the biggest benefit out of your current power situation. Australia has the PVRP program which is a program for photovoltaic rebates. They also have a program for grants for renewable power generators. There are also solar hot water rebates, and solar and wind rebates that you can find.

    The UK offers the Low Carbon Buildings Program, which provides grants for energy buildings that will have renewable energy. Ireland has Action Renewables and will provide you with renewable energy and also grants in order to do so. All around the world, there are grants that are available to you for putting in renewable energies.

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