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Orange County Choppers' Green Ethanol Bike


The “Iowa Farm Bureau Renewable Energy Chopper” is a good example of how eco-friendly fuel can power great, sexy rides. The green low-rider motorcycle was built by Orange County Choppers to celebrate Iowa’s farming heritage. Its E85 ethanol motor runs with 85% ethanol-blended petrol which is made from the natural goodness of corn. A phenomenal example of how we can use environmentally friendly fuels and still look cool doing it!

“Lowriding culture meets agriculture in a clash that was never going to be pretty,” TopGear.com had their own opinion. “And so it proves to be.”
“Sporting a vibrant ‘soybean and corn’ paint job, the chopper also sports visual cues to Iowa’s farming heritage in the shape of wind turbine-inspired spokes and something that OCC calls a ‘corn head scoop’. We thought that was a trendy haircut.

“If the E85 chopper really floats your boat, well, you ought to have a long, hard look in the mirror. And an eye test. If at the end of all that you still really want it, you can buy a $10 raffle ticket to be in with a chance of winning it. The Iowa Farm Bureau says it’ll be offering an alternative top prize of $50,000. Think of all the solar panels and compost bins and respect you could buy with that.”

The video is of another renewable energy chopper than runs on E85 ethanol.

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  2. I use my car on E85 since 2009.03.01 it runs perfectly. One of my friend uses his car more than 1 years ago on Bio-ethanol…
    It cost a bit lower, and we get 105 octane fuel, which needed to our high compression boosted engine.


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