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Toyota Volta Hybrid Sportscar


While Toyota’s supremacy in the current hybrid car market is undeniable, they’re going to have to keep up the innovation if they’re going to stay on top of their game. And while they’ve been having some trouble with their lithium ion batteries of late, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t planning for the future.

Witness the Toyota Volta, a high-performance, concept hybrid named after the man who invented the battery. Now, this is seriously a weird car, but before we get to that, lets start with a 435 mile driving range, all-electric at low speeds, and 30 miles per gallon when being driven the way it was designed to be driven. How was it designed to be driven you ask? Well, by using the electric engine to boost the internal combustion and taking advantage of it’s super light-weight, carbon fiber body, it can go from zero to sixty in four seconds and hit speeds of up to 155 mph.

But, even weirder, the concept seats three people. But instead of a triangular seating we most recently saw in the Mixim, the Volta seats three people in a single row. And if that isn’t weird enough for your, the drive-by-wire technology allows for the controls to be placed in front of any of the people driving.

Of course, the Volta is still very much in the realm of fantasy. But I don’t doubt that Toyota has some plans for a hybrid sports car, and if they’re going to base it on anything, the Volta is an excellent place to start.

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