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Solar Power Growth Rate Compared to FaceBook Popularity


Solar power vs FacebookThe 1BOG service is a solar social network using a large group of people interested in solar power, to negotiate low-cost solar panel installations. They combine a group buying strategy with small daily solar deals in order to obtain lower prices for solar power installation.

Recently, 1BOG posted an interesting comparison between the growing rate of solar power and the rate that Facebook acquired new users.

After their calculations, Facebook growing rate from year to year is 4-5 times higher than the growth rate of solar power. Last year, Facebook had about 175 million users and this summer they reached 500 million users. That means a growth rate of 275% which is obviously much higher than 60%, the growth rate of solar power.

Now, the interesting part comes with the idea of solar power to grow as fast as Facebook. 1BOG presented an infographic note which looks really good, but I doubt that solar power will ever grow so fast. This infographic note says that after only one day, solar energy will grow enough to power 10.000 homes.

Growing at this rate, they showed that solar power will satisfy all globe energy needs in just 4.7 years. I invite you to take a look on the infographic note to see how fast solar power could grow if it would be as popular as Facebook.

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