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New Urine Fuel Cell From UK Could Piss Off Oil Companies Badly


In the not-so-distant future, you’ll probably be able to take a leak, or ease yourself, or drop some in your fuel tank to get that electric motor spinning, because scientists have figured out a material that could create that fuel cell which transforms urine into electricity. Cheap electricity.

Shanwen Tao and Rong Lan, from the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh have received a $203,000 grant to develop the urine fuel cell and start their own spin-off company, Carbamide Power System.

Urine could constitute a much safer solution than hydrogen, much cleaner and non-toxic than methanol and could offer an abundant source of energy… from obvious reasons.

“We’re only at prototype stage at present, but if this renewable material can be used as a commercially viable and environmentally friendly energy source, we will be absolutely delighted, and many people around the world will benefit,” Tao said.

“Growing up in rural eastern China I was aware of the use of urea as an agricultural fertilizer. When I became a chemist and was looking at fuel cell development I thought of using it in the process,” he also explained.

I guess… oil companies will be pretty “pissed off” when they’ll see this implemented in cars everywhere, as a backup solution.

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