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Solar Power Is a Perfect Fit for Vietnam, Even John Kerry Thinks So!


There is no doubt that Asia is taking over the future of solar power. China has become the largest manufacturer of solar power equipment over the last decade, and today they have more solar generation capacity than any other country on the planet.

But there are other places in Asia that would be perfect to install large scale solar farms, and Vietnam is high on that list. Southern Vietnam gets loads of sunlight, and as a nation, Vietnam needs more generation capacity.

For anyone who hasn’t visited the wonderful country of Vietnam, you may not understand how many scooters are on the roads. While some are electric, the vast majority are fueled with gasoline. In fact, many are 2-stroke motors, which create a lot of pollution. Vietnam would be a great place to develop an industry leading electric scooter industry, but they will need a lot more power first.

Lots of Interest

There is no shortage of interest in developing solar facilities in Vietnam, and it appears that the Government there is picking up on the opportunity. Recently the central government of Vietnam created a program to pay a fixed rate for solar power, and they also licensed the first ever all Vietnamese solar generation facility.

Both China and the United States, via John Kerry, have expressed interest in investing in the solar sector in Vietnam, though to date little action as been taken on these offers. There are also coal power plants under development. But on a long term basis, coal simply isn’t competitive with renewable sources.

Both China and Thailand understand the importance of creating low cost energy, and as time goes on the nearly free power that solar offers will give countries a huge competitive advantage.

Why It Works

Renewable power sources are about more than just lowering green house gas emissions. When a country invests in developing the manufacturing infrastructure for solar or wind power, they are reducing their dependence on fossil fuels that are usually imported.

This means a new industry with good jobs, and less dependence on imported fuel sources. Vietnam has shown itself to be a quality producer of electronic components, so there is every reason why a solar industry could develop originally in the sun drenched nation. The new industry could help support long term growth, and work to clean up the skies across the country.

Vietnam has nothing to lose from letting solar power thrive, and if done correctly, they could be the next solar cell manufacturing powerhouse.

[via vietnamnet]

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