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Tesla’s New 40-Stall Superchargers Enable Greater Circulation of EVs


The source of much fear is that an electric vehicle does not make it to the next charging station, especially if it happens, say in the middle of a desert road with no charging station in sight. This condition has been termed Range Anxiety.  So, we are just going to have to allow enough charging stations if we are to spread the use of zero-emission vehicles.

The recently installed 40-stall stations, the largest in the US to date, opened in Kettleman City, and Baker, Calif.,  are here to broaden  Tesla’s Supercharger network. Additionally, each station is equipped with solar parking and the Tesla Powerpack System,  a solid step in the right direction.

With this achievement, Tesla is making it easier for EVs to cover the area’s most commercial travel routes, such as Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and Bay Area to Los Angeles. Not to mention that there will be no CO2 emissions from the increased EVs´circulation.

Supercharger Enables Convenient Long Distance Driving

An earlier press release from the automaker stated “Our commitment to fast, reliable, ubiquitous charging along travel routes and urban areas alike remains our priority,” and added “As we significantly increase the size of Tesla’s charging networks, more sites will include solar and Powerpack storage to ensure sustainable energy generation, storage, and charging.”

Time can be negligible while refueling a gasoline powered vehicle, compared to the average 30 minutes to Supercharge EVs.  However, drivers and traveling families may be able to take advantage of this lapse at stations such as the one in Kettleman City, where Tesla is offering access to food and craft beverages, restrooms, comfortable seating, WiFi and Tesla apparel. It also has a kid’s play wall, pet relief area and outdoor space

Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke about how his company would be introducing amenities-stocked Supercharger stations in August.

“We’ll get a sense for just sort of how cool it can be to have a great place to—if you’ve been driving for three, four hours—stop, have great restrooms, great food, amenities, hang out and for half an hour and then be on your way,” he said.

The new Supercharger stations include a customer lounge available 24/7 to Tesla drivers who access the building via a code available on their car’s touchscreen.  As a result, Tesla EVs drivers are already posting positive comments on social media.

Musk’s Master Plan to help save the environment involves ditching fossil fuels and changing the way that energy is generated, stored and consumed.

Enter Tesla Model 3 and Semi Truck

Model 3 was introduced to help stir mass market towards the dawning EV industry.  In turn, its long-awaited electric semi truck was set to appeal to a different level of consumers,  in spite of reports hinting Tesla being in a “production hell”.

Other competing brands are jumping into the EVs bandwagon for a share of Tesla´s market, such as Volvo Cars, which announced in July that every car it launches from 2019 will have an electric motor, marking a “historic end” to the internal combustion engine.

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  1. I look forward to an Australia & a world where households & businesses have a zero emission impact on the environment because the vehicles are all electric & the electricity is ONLY generated by sustainable non-polluting means rather than COAL!!! Oh, what a world THAT will BE, but it will only BE if most DEMAND it SO!!! Apathy is a KILLER!

  2. Tesla has a big problem with their charging protocol. Aside from the fact that the CCS charging protocol. which every other automaker on the planet is using or shortly will be using, wil dominate the charging sttaions, of which there will be millions, not the few thousand that Tesla will build. They are also far more powerful than Tesla chargers, (145KW) , having 350KW and 500KW power levels for recharges more than twice (or 3 1/2 times) fatser than Tesla – 80% in less than 15 minutes, or 9 minutes, as demonstrated the other week by a Porsche electric. And they will be located in every gas station as well – there will be no need to look up maps to find a Tesla charging station – just drive to the next Interstate exit or the next block. And at less than 15 minutes for a charge, there is hardly any need for a lounge to wait in. Besides, almost every large gas station on the interstates has an attached restaurant or two.


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