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NV8 – Stunning Solar Powered Car Made by Students


3d-printed-cars-nv8-nv9-10NV8 is a 3D-printed solar powered car produced by University students from Singapore.

The prototype is the first Asian 3D-printed car of this type, it is light, super eco-friendly, and perfect for urban conditions.

The Nanyang Technological University Venture 8, or NV 8 as the students refer to it, is made of carbon fiber single shell chassis and 150 printed parts attached to it. The vehicle is very light in weight, but still rigid and strong enough to carry the weight of its cargo. The stiff structure is achieved thanks to an array of honeycomb shapes, which is also 3D printed.

The solar car can reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h (37 mph), weighs 120 kg (256 lb) and has dimensions of 3.2 x 1.3 x 1.3 m (10.5 x 4.3 x 4.3 ft).  According to the students, it has a mileage of 425 km (264 miles) per kWh of electrical energy.

The NV8 is also equipped with handmade silicon solar cells, also built by the bright minds of UNV. To make it even more special, the students shaped these cells to match the curved surface of the electric car, by slicing them into strips and then wiring them up in series. The module is then placed between transparent films for extra safety. The cells on this solar powered car can generate a maximum of 100 watts at peak sunshine levels.

In total, the solar powered car was designed and made within one year, where three months were dedicated solely to printing and assembly. Two teams of 16 students were responsible for the great development, with the help of professionals from Stratasys, Creatz3D and The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology.

NV 8 is soon to show what a solar powered car is capable of during Shell’s Eco-marathon Asia, which will take place in Manila in the end of February. The great prototype will compete in the solar category against another brilliant invention coming from the same University teams- NV 9. The latter one is a three wheeler, but just as impressive.

Image (c) NTU

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