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Energizer’s Recycled Battery Hits Market as “EcoAdvanced”


high-performance-recycled-batteriesEnergizer’s new recycled batteries are about to revolutionize the commercial industry as we know it. The “EcoAdvanced” line of products contains recycled old cells.

Manufacturing batteries is not one of the cleanest process around, it has to be admitted. But what makes it worse is the fact that although elements can be retrieved from old batteries with recycling techniques, only a handful of companies around the world could say they do it. In their defense, not that anti-green actions should be defended in any way, but the process is not cost effective, and consequently leads to losses.

A brave world-famous energy storage devices manufacturer, however, has taken on the quest to make the greenest disposable batteries around. Energizer has announced the production of new high-performance AA and AAA alkaline recycled batteries for commercial use. The line is called EcoAdvanced, and it has been under development for nearly a decade now.

What makes these alkaline batteries much more eco-friendly than all other disposable alternatives out there, is the fact that this time Energizer used recycled materials. To achieve that, the company had to find ways to make the most use of materials from old batteries, without compromising with performance. In fact, what they did is develop new-generation recycled energy storage devices that have the highest performance level ever measured. Yes, these are still disposable and recyclable, however they contribute much less to greenhouse gas emissions.

The recycled battery technology is in its very early stages, and it is still questionable whether it brings any profit to the makers, but this can only make us admire the guys for trying even more. As it stands right now, only four percent of the new Energizer’s new EcoAdvanced battery is made of recovered materials. The company’s plans, however, are definitely not to stop here. In the coming ten years, the guys behind the recycled battery project intend to increase this number to forty, and hopefully not long after switch entirely to recycled materials to make their cells.

Image (c) Energizer

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