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Dazzling Solar-Powered Ice Suites at The Iconic ICEHOTEL


The renowned ICEHOTEL, located in Sweden will be pioneering permanent solar-powered ice suites that will become available year-round.

Annually, Sweden hosts the Lapland hotel and art exhibition, which is composed of ice and snow.  As the weather turns warm, the exhibit melts away. However, a  permanent solution has been created which will be  completely powered by solar energy as the season changes.

Just 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, lies the ICEHOTEL’s host city, Jukkasjärvi. Annually the tundra landscape of Jukkasjärvi is transformed into magnificent ice sculptures and architecture that make up the ICEHOTEL. After being made permanent, the ICEHOTEL will contain a minimum of 20 suites, an art gallery, and a bar.

A summer feature of this innovative treat will be the green roof, which will run completely on solar power; allowing the ICEHOTEL to run efficiently throughout the night. During the winter months, the ICEHOTEL will feature its traditional annual pop up sculptures and buildings in addition to the permanent sector.

Having year round options for guests will allow guests to further customize their ICEHOTEL experience. The debut for the year round ICEHOTEL will commence in December 2016.

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