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Solar-Powered Lamp, Phone Charger and Sound Amplifier: All-In-One


Imagine you have a lamp that runs on solar-power and not only provides light during those late-night hours, but also charges your cell phone or USB devices, and can serve as an electricity-free sound amplifier for your MP3 player or a smartphone.

BRIGHT Products have developed a new device that can offer all this. The new solar gadget is called “The BELL” and proves to be quite a useful edition to your camping gear. It has three different brightness settings, which make it possible to act as a reading light, ceiling light or a portable lamp.

The batteries are fully charged after eight to ten hours of full exposure to sunlight of the solar panel, and can easily last between 4 hours on the highest brightness setting up to 50 hours on the lowest.

The inventors claim that in developing countries with limited electricity supply, the all-in-one lamp, charger and amplifier tool, could be particularly useful. The goal of the company is to find funding of $50,000 by November, in order to make it suitable for mass production.

Field tests have already been done in Tanzania, Bangladesh and Kenya. With a $50 pledge, a BELL lamp will be donated to CARE, while with a $100, you’ll get your personal lamp and gadget charger.

Via: Treehugger

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