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Electric Motorcycles Get Better Range, Power, and Lose Recharging Time


ZERO EV MotorcycleElectric Vehicles [EV] are still working on their selling points. They have limited range, averaging less than 100 miles, unless you spring for a luxury model, like the Tesla Model X starting at $80,000. EVs are also known for long recharging times, up to nine hours on some models. Equally disturbing for some, could be that they aren’t very attractive, but automakers are working on that.

Enter the Electric Motorcycle, of which a few manufacturers have been developing, including BMW, Brammo, and ZERO. ZERO’s 2013 model lineup is changing the way we look at EVs. Redesigning their lineup, ZERO was able to get more power, better range, and shorter recharge times into a smaller and more attractive package.

The Z-Force motor, the heart of the beast, so to speak, was upgraded and made more compact, to a max of 54 horsepower [hp] and 68 ft-lbs of torque. The newly redesigned 2013 ZERO S has a top speed of 137 mph and a city range of about 137 miles. Optionally available is the CHAdeMO quick-charge system, which can recharge 95% capacity in less than an hour.

The ZERO FX features swappable batteries, which could make “recharging” practically instantaneous. The batteries could also be doubled up, effectively doubling the range of this already impressively-ranged EV. The new battery system will be available on other models as well.

ZERO also redesigned the frame and other components to make it more ergonomic, as well as adding app-connectivity for EV statistics and riding habits. As an EV, any model in the ZERO lineup could also qualify for federal tax incentives under consideration in Congress.

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