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A Solar-Powered Water Fountain Developed by CLU Students


The students at California Lutheran University (CLU) have built a solar-powered water fountain that resembles a handcrafted waterwheel, on the Thousand Oaks Campus.

It is rumoured that a 245-watt module was donated by the Camarillo-based Solar World USA for this project, which represents only one of the several “masterpieces” created by CLU, such as the Swenson Center for the Social and Behavioral Sciences, or the community garden planted in November and many other green projects and student campaigns.

The main objective of CLU is to offer the same conditions, advantages and opportunities for everyone, no matter where they come from, how old they are, what their gender, race, sexual orientation or religion is.

CLU celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009, the same year when it was named a climate action leader for participating in a voluntary greenhouse gas reporting program.

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