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Warren Buffett Sets Shining Example in the Solar Sector


Warren BuffettThis week, MidAmerican Energy Holdings, Warren Buffett’s company, acquired two enormous solar power plants.

The two plants together represent the largest solar assets in the world. Scheduled to be built in Southern California, the Antelope Valley Solar Projects, as they are called, are worth between $2 and $2.5 billion collectively.

Solar stocks soared as word of Buffett’s investment spread. Stocks rose for prominent solar companies  SunPower, JA Solar, Yingli Green Energy, Suntech, and First Solar. Even SolarCity, when only recently went public, saw its stocks rise, too.

Buffett seems to be an advocate for solar power these days. Last year MidAmerican Energy Holdings spent $2 billion to buy Topaz Solar Farm as well as a 49% interest in the $1.8 billion Arizona solar project Agua Caliente.

Advocates for clean energy are hoping investors will be inspired by Buffett’ support of the solar industry and will begin investing themselves.

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  1. Should be roof mounted as a priority.I hope something is being done about the land degraedation,caused by incometent managment of existing large central projects.M.Tekles plans for multiple use and enhancement of the land  under the panels and mirrors is wasted on a’ nuke the snakes and weeds ‘herbicide paradiam currently common practice.And heads up to these plant managers-If snakes can get into the conduits,so can insulation chewing rodents(duh),so keep the conduits sealed,any time they aren’t currently being worked on(duh).Just in case goverment subsidies stop picking up your competence challenged maitience over runs.

  2. In Empirical Magazine’s January 2013 issue, contributor Hugh Mercer Curtler states “The proposed Topaz solar farm planned in San Louis Obispo County will produces 550 megawatts of electricity that will benefit 160,000 homes in the state and will also produce an estimated $417 million in positive benefits to the region in the form of new jobs and savings to homeowners.” Read an excerpt from the article at http://empiricalmag.blogspot.com/2012/12/january-excerpt-fiddling-while-rome.html


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