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Solid-State Rechargeable Lithium-Air Battery Reduces Risk of Explosion


Scientists at the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) claim they’ve developed the first solid-state, rechargeable lithium-air battery that, because it doesn’t contain liquid, can be safe from fire and explosion risks.

Binod Kumar, a research engineer and leader of UDRI’s electrochemical power group said that the university is looking for partners that could license the “breakthrough” technology for manufacturing the batteries.

The researchers claim that while lithium-ion batteries are portable and have better energy density than other types of rechargeables, such as nickel cadmium, there have been a number of accidents and a large number of recalls involving lithium-ion batteries.

According tho the scientists, these lithium-air batteries could be made available in about two years for powering electronic devices and in about eight years for powering automobiles.

Dan Rastler, manager of the energy storage program at Electric Power Research Institute stated that the batteries could store electric energy to support utility power grids, or supplement the intermittent generation of wind or solar power systems.

[Source:Dayton Daily News]

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