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SolPad Announces the All-in-One Solar Power System


There are many all-in-one charging systems for charging small, portable objects. Yet, when it comes to charging larger objects, like laptops or TV, the options for a portable solar charger decrease.

SolPad’s new products are the solution to the lack of all-in-one solar chargers in the industry. With two essential options, the SolPad Home and the SolPad Mobile, SolPad will be even more renowned.

In SolPad’s new design, the photovoltaic solar panels, inverter, charge controller, and batteries are all contained in the same package, so one doesn’t need to buy everything separately. This, of course, makes the new design the first integrated solar charging system. This “quantum leap in personal power” will likely be a new era for the way solar power is used.

The standard prices and the pre-order prices are announced have been announced at CES 2017. The SolPad Mobile, which consists of a 72 W solar panel and 600 Wh battery, will be priced at $1395. Also, pre-order will be available starting May 3rd, 2017. This mobile version includes the inverter, control systems, and a WiFi hotspot.

The Home version is suitable for the rooftop as the system carries a 300 W solar panel and a 500 Wh battery. On the other hand, the Mobile version is better for the backyard, balcony, or off-grid solutions.The SolPad Mobile version is capable of charging 60 smartphones or work a mini-fridge for 10 hours by 10 hours of solar generation.

SolPad has another feature called the SolControl to plug the solar power, produced in a SolPad product, to specific devices in your house. With the SolControl, one can decide which home products to charge with the SolPad Mobile.

With these innovative designs, SolPad has taken an important place in the solar power industry.

via [treehugger]

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