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Trump Slashes Grants to the EPA and Cuts Any Public Communication


Donald Trump may be at the forefront of an unmitigated ecological disaster. Very recently the new commander-in-chief of the United States suspended any and all grants from the EPA.

In the previous year, these grants amounted to around 10 billion dollars, and were used for vital research and climate assistance.

In addition to removing badly needed funding, President Trump has issued a gag order, forbidding all employees in the EPA from talking about his draconian policy, or anything at all.

For those of you wondering whether or not all of the innuendo concerning Trump and fascist totalitarianism was mere huff and puff, now we know. This man cares nothing for the environment, and is beginning to show the world just how little he cares for anything besides what he views as economic progress.

President Trump is showing shades of both, and the idea that he would forbid communication from a public, ecological agency is shocking and deeply troubling.

People who are up to no good don’t want you to know what they are doing. And I suspect that when it comes to the environment, among other things, President Trump is up to no good.

His pick for the head of the EPA is a prime example of his blatant antagonism towards both the environment and public policy that protects it.

Scott Pruitt is not the right man to head the EPA. During his time as Attorney General of Oklahoma, he brought a record number of cases against the EPA, and six of them are still outstanding.

He also doesn’t see how air pollution can cause asthma, nor did he make air pollution a priority when he was the Attorney General of Oklahoma, a state where asthma ravages 10% of the children.

When pressed on this fact, Mr. Pruitt was unable to see a connection between air pollution and the occurrence of asthma in the children of his state, even though the incidence of asthma in Oklahoma is above the national average, and not by a small margin.

Instead, President Trump’s pick to lead the EPA spent his time in Oklahoma suing the EPA, especially in the area of EPA air quality regulations.

Mr. Pruitt also takes money from companies that benefit from lowered environmental standards, and did so when he held public office.

Somehow that is legal.

And now, President Trump wants him to lead the EPA, and won’t allow anyone in the EPA to talk to the outside world.

This looks more and more like a dark parody 1930’s European fascism all the time.

We all know how that ended.

The Pope has expressed similar views, and sees President Trump as a dangerous sign of rising populism. In an interview conducted during President Trump’s inauguration Pope Francis stopped short of making a direct comparison between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

But I won’t.

The same currents that allowed Hitler to take power over a scared and confused Germany are what have empowered a megalomaniac like Donald Trump to become President of the United States.

To assert that he is materially different than Hitler would be dishonest.

During the interview, The Pope took a wait and see attitude towards the Trump administration, and that was wise.

It took Trump all of 48 hours to show the world that he is in no way afraid to adopt the same totalitarian tactics that any abusive leader employs.

The EPA is NOT the CIA, and the fact that President Trump has seen it necessary to prohibit any and all communication by all of its members is borderline surreal.

This man is a menace, and he is going to cause major problems.

President Trump can spin information any way he wants, but a standing gag order for an entire public agency speaks volumes about how he views the world, and how he is going to misuse his power in a spectacular and horrific way.

The American people were willing to buy his two-faced nonsense during the campaign, and now they are at the mercy of a power-hungry sociopath.

One thing is for sure, President Trump is going to deliver the “change” that Obama promised, and if the world is lucky, we will be able to maintain our hope for a better future.

With a US President like Trump, I have little worry that a hope for a better future will not be in vain.

But that bright future will not be because of him, rather it is because as sure as the sun rises, men like President Trump are consumed by the fires of their own toxic delusion, and then fade into history.

[via AP]

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  1. “Mr. Pruitt was unable to see a connection between air pollution and the occurrence of asthma in the children of his state”
    That is quite amazing, as the connection between air pollution and allergy/asthma is now well known and established. Pollen grains exposed to large amounts of air pollution, will often explode, and this results in many microscopic particles; these can be inhaled deeply into the lungs, resulting is asthma attacks.
    Yes, so far, alas, per the environment and health….our new president is heading in the wrong direction…backwards.

    • He’s not going back to American precedents. NO president has ever refused to spend grant money authorized by congress. Impeach him for overstepping his bounds and usurping congressional powers.


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