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Solyndra Cylindrical Solar Panels: Cheaper and Powerful


Solyndra, a company situated in Fremont, CA, has invented a new type of cylindrical solar panel, cheaper to install and more powerful compared to the conventional panels, which are made of flat solar cells.

These panels have rows of cylindrical solar cells made of a thin film of semiconductor material. The material is made of selenium, gallium, copper and indium. To create the cells, the semiconductor material is deposited on a glass tube. Then it is encapsulated within another glass tube with electrical connections that resemble those on fluorescent light bulbs. The new form allows the system to generate more power than conventional solar panels and over the course of a day the system absorbs more light. The company says that these will be cheaper and easier to be mounted on roofs because these tubes offer less wind resistance than conventional flat solar panels.

A Solyndra official says through these advantages the cost of generating solar power will be reduced.

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