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Sewage Could Be a New Way For Cheap Hydrogen


In the field of hydrogen fuel cell production,  Oregon State University researchers have discovered that sewage can produce cheap hydrogen. In comparison with traditional electrolysis technology, sewage can produce hydrogen at a lower cost.

This system works very simple, using a battery-like device, microorganisms from sewage will be attached to an anode’s surface and degrading the waste in the sewage. The hydrogen will be created when the waste decomposes and leaves protons that move to the cathode and combine with electrons.

This discovery could help hydrogen reach the US Department of Energy cost goal of $2 to $3 per gallon and reduce the amount of energy needed for hydrogen production. Also, the hydrogen system will clean the sewage water it uses. Nobody thought that from biowaste, such as simple municipal sewage, could be produced hydrogen and also to clean the water it uses. This experiment will help a lot our environment. It is amazing!

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