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Sony ODO Twirl'n Take – green powered digital camera


Sony invented a digital camera for the little ones: it has a rubber wheel that you have to turn 15 times to take a shot. And, the best part… IT’S DIGITAL! In fact, the camera isn’t small and very performant, but it covers a niche that few thought about lately.

It’s called ODO Twirl and Take and your kid will hardly wait to put his little hands on a digital camera powered by his own little arms! It’s also a good way to start teaching your children how to protect the environment by using their own force to power small things up.

Starting with this… and ending with buying an electric car and building a perfectly heat-insulated, economic green home. For the beginning, it’s not much of a camera, but for the future, who knows?

Maybe the guys from Sony will think making a device powered by the movements made by their user. I know I saw an old hand watch automatically pulling its springs when shaken.

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