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UltraBattery – the image for future electric power


Don’t you know? I didn’t either. But the idea is not at all complicated. It’s a lead acid battery combined with a supercapacitor. A supercapacitor is simply a capacitor that can achieve greater states of charge and can output a greater quantity of energy in a shorter time. Power=Energy/Time. The shorter the time, the greater the power, with the same energy. That’s what we need for electric vehicles, and momentarily for the hybrid vehicles. Since the gasoline engine of the hybrid car (Prius) can’t by its construction provide all the juice the car needs in an intersection, let’s say, to boost your car from zero to hero, a high energy lead-acid charging a high power capacitor is the right choice.

So did CSIRO think about this, a consortium dedicated to studying such batteries. They produced and tested a prototype of this battery for over 100,000miles or 160,000 km, with no degradation of the original parameters. They say their battery has a cycle four times longer than a regular one and produces half as much power.

Will we be allowed by the construction of the new Prius and the other hybrid cars to easily adapt such batteries to them? Or will we be paying an amount of money so to make it inefficient as price? That’s pretty much the way it happened until now. All modifications to the original hybrid were made with significant prices and hybrid cars were and are sold at prices that drive the market to think it makes more sense to buy a diesel car rather than a hybrid or electric one.

Would this be a conspiracy? Or is it just some people’s paranoia?

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