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How Much Can You Harm Your Planet By Shopping Daily?


Today I stumbled upon a website called “The Story of Stuff” where a nice lady shows you how we deplete the planet’s resources, how products being made are in fact more expensive than you buy them, how you are fooled to buy stuff just for the sake of buying, how and where the waste is dropped, etc…

Maybe then you’ll want to watch Zeitgeist the movie, where it’s clearly shown the amateuresque way of living in this professional looking world that we live in. You’ll find out how the greed for money destroys everything on this planet, and how our children will no longer have a life, but will be much more robotized than we are.

Watch these two movies. You don’t have to agree everything in the second, I also don’t, but there are truths in front of our eyes that we either don’t want to see, or we don’t have time to see. There are chances for mother Earth to survive to our greed for money and shopping. Thank you for visiting! Come back tomorrow, or subscribe to our newsletter, to help keeping Earth alive!

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  1. The story of stuff is good, but could use a different speaker. She talks to us the way you talk to little kids as school.

    Zeitgeist is a joke of movie.


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