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Sony’s Olivine Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Keep 4 Times More Power


sony-new-batteries-with-4-times-more-power_ZccOy_69Sony has developed a new type of lithium ion batteries that combine long-life high power performances, using olivine-type lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material. The Olivine-type lithium iron phosphate used in this new battery is a perfect cathode material due to its robust crystal structure and stable performance, even at high temperatures.

These batteries have an extended lifespan of approximately 2,000 charge-discharge cycles and a high power density of 1800W/kg. What is amazing is that the battery is able to charge rapidly (in 30 minutes) and it will keep an 80% charge retention after those 2,000 charge-discharge cycles.

For the beginning Sony’s new rechargeable batteries will be used to power tools, then gradually make its way to other consumer electronic devices. With lithium ion secondary batteries able to deliver both compact size and high capacity, their usage continues to diversify and grow. This new battery have 4 times more power, which means less recharging and more life. Sony ha reveal some specifications:

– Cell type: Cylindrical type 18650
– Size: Diameter 18mm, height 65mm
– Energy Density: 95Wh/kg
– Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
– Power Density: 1800W/kg
– Weight: 40g
– Max. continuous discharge current: 20A

[Source: Sony]

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